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Register now for ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! and get free Spanish Club Level 1 for 4 months!

It’s only 8 weeks until the start of the next ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!, my intensive 8 week Spanish course. I’m now taking registrations for this course, and with spaces limited to 8 people I expect it to fill up soon. (There’s a theme of 8s emerging!).

I’d like to offer you some rewards for being amongst the first to register:

  1. On [More…]

Comienza el 2021 con un curso intensivo de español online

Estoy encantada de comunicarte el comienzo de mi curso intensivo de español  para nivel intermedio. Comenzará el lunes, 25 de enero. Pronto estaremos todos viajando y, mientras esperamos, ¿qué te parece mejorar tu nivel de español y hablarlo con fluidez y naturalidad? Infórmate mejor en  ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! y completa esta hoja para matricularte. [More…]

Q: Does Spanish with Victoria offer Black Friday/Monday/Christmas/New Year discounts?

A: No! My prices are excellent value all year round, and if I offered discounts, this is simply not fair to my regular and loyal students. You can sign up to SPANISH CLUB at any time, or register for YA HABLO ESPANOL knowing you are getting the best price and great value for money.

There’s something for everyone with prices from [More…]

Learning Spanish: how level is your table!?

Do you need to level up your Spanish skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing? From my point of view, learning a foreign language is like building a table. A table has four legs; a language has four skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. When you build a table, you measure each leg the same length. However, with a language [More…]

What do I admire in a Spanish teacher?

Teachers I have known and admired are always welcoming,  accessible, gentle but firm, determined, understanding, easy-going, humorous, and someone who sees mistakes and “stuck moments” as opportunities to improve, move on and grow.

Thus I have created my own method with a strong communicative focus. From my point of view, the first aim of a language is to be spoken and [More…]

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