I’m re-launching my Spanish Club this Sunday 23rd May with a simpler programme of conversation and tandem classes for intermediate students. Just turn up and speak, and you’ll be soon feeling more confident and fluent. Your first session is free, then just £40 per month for 4 classes.

Spanish Conversation Club is perfect to support your Spanish language use. Regular use of the language in real situations leads to fluency, so ideally you will join us every Sunday to boost your confidence in speaking fluent Spanish. But you’re free to sign up for fewer classes per month.

SPANISH CONVERSATION CLUB is aimed specifically at Levels B2 and above. However it is also the right place for some B1 students who are especially motivated and eager to improve. Please contact me if you are not sure if it is right for you.

Our discussions will be wide and varied covering aspects of Hispanic culture and news, films, and tandems with Hispanic people.

In SPANISH CLUB you will also have access to over 100 video learning challenges, to keep you focused and practising Spanish in a real-world way. Always, an invitation to practice. All year round.

Online group discussions are up to four times a month, 11 months per year (no classes in August).

Groups sessions are on Sundays at 19:30 GMT/BST for an hour by Zoom.

Just £10 per class