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SPANISH CLUB with Victoria



from £12 per month
all year round


Spanish Club is a perfect combination of online groups, one-to-one tutoring, and 24/7 support in a community with other motivated students. Supporting you to speak confident fluent Spanish.

SPANISH CLUB is aimed specifically at Levels B2 and above. However it is also the right place for some B1 students who are especially motivated and eager to improve. Please contact me if you are not sure if it is right for you.

In SPANISH CLUB you will access to over 100 video learning challenges, with more added every week, to keep you focused and practising Spanish in a real-world way. Every day, an invitation to practice. All year round.

Plus online group discussions up to four times a month, 11 months per year (no classes in August).

Groups sessions are on Sundays at 19:30 GMT

We’ve organised our offerings into different levels to suit everyone.

Have a look below, choose your level, and subscribe!

Next Club Meeting:

Film Club: tba

March 7 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

A discussion about FRIDA, relationships, art, Frida's life, Frida as an icon...

Choose your level!

Tier 1

Level 1:
all year round

Daily support at your own pace
only £12 per month!

Stay stimulated and keep motivated with over 100 videos to speaking challenge your speaking, and more added every week

~ Online community to discuss books, films, news, culture… with 24/7 support from your teacher
~ Video interviews with Spanish speakers all around the world
~ Grammar tips
~ Vocabulary practice
~ Saying of the week
~ Video presentations from Victoria on Hispanic culture

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Tier 1

Level 2:

… plus 1 live group monthly

Everything from Level 1 plus 1 live group per month.

Free 15 minute video chat with Victoria to get to know each other, and enrol onto the best programme for you.

Choose from:
~ Film/Book Club
~ Conversation class
~ News & culture conversation

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Tier 1

Level 3:

Two live groups monthly

Everything from Level 1 plus 2 live groups per month.

Free 15 minute video chat with Victoria to get to know each other, and enrol onto the best programme for you.

Choose from:
~ Film/Book Club
~ Tandem Group
~ News & culture conversation
~ General conversation class

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Tier 1

Level 4:

… plus four live groups & tandem partner

Everything from Level 1 plus 4 live groups per month.

Free 15 minute video chat with Victoria to get to know each other, and enrol onto the best programme for you.

All of the following each month:
~ News and culture-based discussion group
~ Group conversation class
~ Film/Book Club
~ Tandem Group

Opportunity to have your own native Spanish-speaking tandem partner

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Tier 1

Level 5:

Tier 4 plus one-to-one conversation

Limited numbers!
Everything from level 4 plus:

One 50 minute one-to-one class with Victoria each month:
~ revision of the month’s work;
~ tailored tuition;
~ meeting your current needs.

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Tier 1

Level 6:

2 monthly one-to-one sessions

Limited numbers!
Everything from level 4 plus:

Two 50 minute one-to-one classes with Victoria each month:
~ revision of the month’s work;
~ tailored tuition;
~ meeting your current needs.

Additional classes £35 subject to availability.

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Here are some of the nice things students have said about Spanish Club.

“When I started my Spanish studies, my ambition was to speak in conversation. Spanish with Victoria is my opportunity to do it (despite my mistakes!). See you next Sunday!”

“I loved learning a bit about Chile and Peru… I’m looking forward to hearing presentations from other students next month.”

“It is quite difficult to find language classes beyond beginners so the services Victoria provides are perfect for anyone wanting to move on in their Spanish language journey. Highly recommended.”


Why will this work for me? There’s lots of methods out there!2020-10-24T16:59:17+01:00

My methodology is based on engaging, real life topics which encourage students to speak and express themselves.

Kindness, care, acceptance and respect are essential, as the student’s comfortability will allow them to feel safe and relaxed to speak.

Communicative approach is the main aim, as I understand a language as a means of communication, connection, link with another culture, and not as a perfect tool to be used. Obviously, perfection will be happening as we practise and practise regularly and in a determined and enthusiastic way.

My sources for discussions are varied and so the pair work and group activities. Thus we avoid boredom, apathy and monotony. Five clubs in five weeks.

The role of the student is always active. Students get the instructions clearly in time before spending an hour talking, discussing and commenting topics.

Students have access to feedback constantly.

Sense of humour is crucial to learn. Our brain relaxes, opens up and absorbs naturally the language. Moreover, it brings an atmosphere of trust and peacefulness.

Why should I choose Spanish with Victoria?2020-10-24T17:03:47+01:00

We are a small and unique school where you can be sure to get individual attention. There are many, much bigger, and probably cheaper schools than ours, but I think you’ll find it hard to find better value or a more personable and friendly club. There’s only one teacher here and that’s me!

I offer a free 15 minute video intro session for everyone joining SPANISH CLUB at Level 2 and above, so nobody is anonymous to me. I will welcome you individually and answer your questions. You can tell me your learning priorities and I can signpost you to relevant existing material in the Club, and guide your individual learning.

When you take the ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! course you’ll have an individual 15 minute video session with me every week so I can understand your specific needs and expectations, both in terms of the language and in terms of motivation. It takes motivation and commitment to complete the course and I want to be able to help you with that.

Why do I pay for 12 months when there are no groups in August?2020-11-02T17:29:41+00:00

Although you pay each calendar month, you are actually paying for blocks of four weeks. There are 13 blocks of 4 weeks in a year, and you are paying for 12 of them. So, four weeks in August are a holiday for us all; hopefully a Spanish-speaking one!

When can I join SPANISH CLUB?2020-10-22T10:03:16+01:00

You can join at any time. You only need to choose the right level of the six I offer and subscribe with the Paypal link. Then I’ll contact you to explain what happens next.

What if a person does not respect my opinion or judge what I say?2020-10-22T11:06:46+01:00

Please let me know your concerns as soon as possible. We have got clear, firm rules in Spanish with Victoria and the person who does not follow them will leave the community. Respect and no judgement is essential for all people to feel part of the group. Thank you!

What happens when I join SPANISH CLUB?2020-10-22T10:05:51+01:00

You’re very welcome to join us! I will contact you straight away to let you know how it all works and add you to the Facebook Group, and when the next group session is that you have signed up for, and what we will be discussing.

What happens in Film & Book Club?2020-10-22T10:20:18+01:00

We will watch films and read books and texts related to the Hispanic world: its culture, society, politics, events, etc.  You will have a minimum two weeks to watch the film or read the text prior to the group sessions. All films will be available to watch cheaply online, or free if you have subscriptions to streaming services. All books will be cheaply available or free to download to your device.

What happens if one day I did not have time to prepare for the discussion?2020-10-22T10:29:22+01:00

Please do not miss a session for this reason! There is so much to learn from the others in the club! And you will always have something to say, as we will be dealing with quite common topics.

What do I need to fit in with Spanish with Victoria?2020-10-22T11:00:10+01:00

Only one simply thing: being willing, determined and enthusiastic to improve your Spanish!

How should I choose my Clubs? Is one club better than another?2020-10-22T10:28:35+01:00

All of them aim at making your speaking skill better by sharing knowledge about the Hispanic world and expressing our views about this. It is an enriching experience in many ways!

However, whether one club is more interesting than another for you will mainly depend on your own interests and needs. So feel free to taste them and then decide which one/s you are participating in.

How can I leave SPANISH CLUB?2020-10-22T10:23:18+01:00

Whenever it is convenient to you. You can cancel at any time. Please cancel your monthly Paypal subscription. And no need for explanation or justification, but we always welcome feedback. We like people coming freely and enthusiastically and leaving in the same way.

Can I change from one level to another depending on the time availability I have for that month?2020-10-22T10:38:09+01:00

If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend all the groups you have signed up for, you will be able to cancel through Paypal and re-subscribe at a different level before the beginning of your month. It won’t be possible to change after the beginning of the month.

Next SPANISH CLUB Sunday Group Discussions

Film Club: tba

March 7 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Tandem Club

March 14 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Presentations and conversation

March 21 @ 7:30 pm - March 28 @ 8:30 pm

Spanish Club: News discussion

March 28 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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