To help everybody in the group feel welcome, comfortable and included, be aware of the following norms:

  • Be courteous and kind
  • Don’t dominate the conversation so that everyone can speak
  • Bear in mind we all have different opinions and personalities; treat this as an opportunity to widen your horizons and perspectives
  • Please don’t give advice, it is better to talk about our own personal experience
  • Don’t judge other people or what they say
  • Let’s see the group as a platform of support to improve our Spanish, let’s have an attitude of help.

Thank you!

Now watch this short video where I speak about this in Spanish. How much can you follow?

Tip for Youtube videos:
You can add subtitles and slow down the speed to help your comprehension. Then try without afterwards! Or speed it up for a real challenge!

“When you want to notice how weird people are, look at yourself without judgement! Thus you will become a trusted friend, partner, co-worker…” (Victoria’s mum!).