(Advanced Beginners – summer term ’22)

  • Really relaxed, low pressure
  • Friendly atmosphere and I don’t feel silly if I say something wrong
  • It’s very dynamic and funny
  • I like the fun aspect of the lessons
  • I’m put at ease even though I’m a little slower than the rest of the class
  • Everything being conversational is really good
  • Victoria tells good stories
  • A bit shocked how much [of the teaching] is in Spanish, but I think this will help [me] learn quicker
  • It’s a good mix of understanding, speaking, reading and writing
  • There is no heavy grammar
  • I like the variety of topics and the different exercises
  • Visually everything is very good
  • I can’t really see that it could be improved

Here are some of the comments that people have made on my teaching style.

“Victoria is a fantastic teacher. She adapts her lessons to the needs of the student, she is encouraging and engaging. I worried that I would feel embarrassed speaking Spanish to a stranger but Victoria instantly put me at ease. She is very encouraging and I always finish a class feeling positive about my Spanish. I have grown in confidence and my grammar and vocabulary have flourished too. Victoria has lots of ideas to make learning Spanish fun, with videos, film discussions, semi-structured discussions on a pre-agreed topic etc. I would highly recommend Spanish with Victoria.

“Dedicated, friendly and very motivating Spanish Tuition – Victoria will help you meet your goals and discover new ones you hadn’t realised you had!

“I first met Victoria when I was looking for some tuition to improve my conversational Spanish. Topics were agreed beforehand and materials provided, if necessary. Feedback was always given afterwards. She is VERY encouraging which certainly helps one’s confidence. She has now established a Spanish Club which is particularly aimed at intermediate learners. I have joined a group which meets every week (via Zoom). We discuss topical events in the Spanish speaking world, films and literature, as well as have more general conversations. She also hosts a Facebook page where she has interviews with native Spanish speakers, grammar tips and explanations of Spanish idioms. (I love these!) In my experience, it is quite difficult to find language classes beyond beginners so the services Victoria provides are perfect for anyone wanting to move on in their Spanish language journey. Highly recommended.

“Victoria is an excellent teacher. I had been learning Spanish for over a year on my own before starting with Victoria and had a reasonable grasp on grammar but my listening skills were terrible. Since starting with Victoria my conversational and listening skills have dramatically improved. Victoria gets me talking solely in Spanish… and gives me time to articulate my thoughts and never rushes me. It is like talking non stop to a friend in Spanish… Fantastic teacher who knows how to tailor her lessons to the individuals needs.”

“For my job I needed to improve my Spanish skills from non-existent to European level B (intermediate) within a year. Apart from taking a language course with the OU I also signed up for private tuition with Victoria. Those sessions have definitely been worth my money and time as they were tailored to my needs at all times. Victoria would always go the extra mile to make each meeting worthwhile, interesting and enjoyable. I have succeeded to get a Grade 2 pass after a year of intense learning with Victoria but even more importantly I have come to love the language and culture as well. ¡Muchas gracias, Victoria! :)

“Victoria is an excellent teacher. Her lessons are always well prepared, stimulating and well balanced. Her sense of humour and relaxed manner remove any inhibitions one may have about speaking Spanish and her lessons are a joy to attend!”

“…studying with Victoria is rewarding and has certainly increased my enthusiasm towards learning the language”.

“Our knowledge and speaking of the Spanish language has increased tremendously and we now have the confidence to communicate when on holiday in Spanish speaking countries. We would recommend Victoria to all.”

“… the best thing was the amount you got me talking in Spanish; I just felt way more confident by the end.”

“I really enjoy Victoria’s lessons; the atmosphere is friendly and supportive and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Victoria makes a real effort to ensure that the lessons are varied and to tailor them to the needs of her students. They have given me a lot more confidence to speak Spanish when I’m on holiday. Thanks, Victoria:-)”

Here are some of the comments from students on the ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! 8 week course.

“I simply cannot recommend Victoria more! Having not spoken Spanish for a long time, I felt very nervous about my first class and interaction with Victoria. I really had nothing to worry about, she put me at ease right away. Victoria made me feel so welcome, relaxed and comfortable in each class, she is very warm, kind, patient and incredibly supportive.

I have loved the Ya Hablo Espanol course and I will really miss the weekly classes. I am currently writing this from Spain where I have met with my Spanish friends who have even commented on how well my Spanish is coming along, that is definitely down to this course and all the input you receive from Victoria.

If you are considering this course, my advice would be just to go for it! You will gain so much within such a short time from this valuable experience. Victoria, thank you again, you are the best Spanish teacher!”

“I’m looking forward to next week!”

“The videos are a great help”

“This course is intensive and I can see the results already”

“Este grupo es genial y muy útil”

“Grupo en el que los alumnos se pasan ideas, sugerencias, lecturas, películas…”.

Hay mucha cooperación entre ellos  y ellas.”

“Muchas gracias por la gran experiencia de esta noche”.

“Ahora estoy muy motivada para seguir practicando mi español”.

“Siempre estoy muy cansado porque trabajo mucho, pero me ha encantado la sesión y estoy deseando que llegue la próxima”.

Here are some of the nice things students have said about the intermediate level course.

“When I started my Spanish studies, my ambition was to speak in conversation. Spanish with Victoria is my opportunity to do it (despite my mistakes!). See you next week!”

“It is quite difficult to find language classes beyond beginners so the services Victoria provides are perfect for anyone wanting to move on in their Spanish language journey. Highly recommended.”