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Sheffield Group Classes

Information for attending In-Person classes in Sheffield

  • Please arrive to class up to 5 minutes before the start time for the class; there may be another class before yours and we allow a ten minute changeover period.
  • Please text us on 07443 512793 if you are unable to attend class, thanks.
  • Please re-familiarise yourself with the previous week’s class before each class (review the class recordings)
  • Be courteous and kind
  • Don’t dominate the conversation so that everyone can speak
  • Bear in mind we all have different opinions and personalities; treat this as an opportunity to widen your horizons and perspectives
  • Please don’t give advice, it is better to talk about our own personal experience
  • Don’t judge other people or what they say
  • Let’s see the group as a platform of support to improve our Spanish, let’s have an attitude of help.
  • Bear in mind there will be no access to toilet facilities in the house.
  • Do not attend class if you have any symptoms of Covid – you will have access to the class recordings and material and will not miss out.
  • The door will be open all the time and the room has two points of ventilation. We will also keep the external door open if the weather allows.
  • This guidance may change if national regulations are re-applied at any stage.
  • Classes will continue online if circumstances prevent an in person gathering (e.g. if several students or the teacher need to self-isolate).
  • If you believe this protocol is insufficiently strict or is missing something that can help protect us all, or you believe it does not meet current (and changing) regulations, please discuss this with me as soon as possible.
  • Your class may be recorded on video for yourself and fellow students to watch/listen. If your class is not recorded, you will have access to the recording of another class with the same subject and level. You are encouraged to review the lesson again before the next class or review it twice if you miss a lesson;
  • For your privacy, the camera will be pointed only at the teacher who will also have a close microphone, though be aware your voice may be picked up on the recordings;
  • Recordings and a little optional homework will be available to you online, normally a day or two after the class.
  • See this page on Accessing the course material for guidance on how to use and adapt the course material to suit your own learning style and lifestyle.

Beginner Term 0

Printable PDF reference documents with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation explanations, some with exercises and solutions not covered in the class.

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