My methodology is based on engaging, real life topics which encourage students to speak and express themselves.

Kindness, care, acceptance and respect are essential, as the student´s sense of ease will allow them to feel safe and relaxed to speak.

Communicative approach is the main aim, as I understand a language as a means of communication, connection, links with another culture, and not as a perfect tool to be used. Obviously, perfection will be happening as we practise and practise regularly in a determined and enthusiastic way.

My sources for discussions are varied and presented in many different ways. You will be working with different people in pairs and small groups. Thus we avoid boredom, apathy and monotony.

The role of the student is always active as the lessons are communicative and interactive.

Students have access to feedback constantly.

Sense of humour and calmness are crucial to learn. Our brain relaxes, opens up and absorbs naturally the language. Moreover, it brings an atmosphere of trust and peacefulness.