Do you want to…

~ speak confident, fluent Spanish?
~ end awkward conversations?

Are you motivated?
Up for the challenge?

~ Native speaker
~ Qualified teacher
~ 20 years experience

I have just the solution to help you reach your goals!

Speak confident, fluent Spanish with Victoria Munguia Medina

A two part programme to speak fluent Spanish with confidence

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Register now for an intensive 8 week speaking course for intermediate-level students eager for an immediate result on speaking confidence and fluency.  Daily guided self study throughout each week leading to a 75 minute group class each week for 8 weeks. Only £150. Your money back after the first week if you’re not happy and have fully completed all the tasks and group session.

Join the next ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! on 21 September ’21


  • Struggling to speak two sentences in a row (despite knowing a good level of Spanish)
  • Scared of speaking
  • Lacking confidence and fluency
  • Good at learning grammar and vocabulary but don’t find the chance to practice
  • Impatient to see results
  • Frustrated after trying other methods and courses

Let’s remove all the roadblocks that might have hindered your progress in just 8 weeks!

8 week intensive Spanish course


  • We only keep a language by using it.
  • Starting from your present intermediate Spanish level, it will be very easy to give a big boost to your command.
  • Dealing with everyday life topics that you already know (holidays, travelling, hobbies, work…) will put you at ease to start speaking.
  • Interacting with your peers enriches your command.
  • With simple practice every day you will develop or rebuild your  fluency and confidence.


  • 75 minute conversation class each week for 8 weeks:
  • 7:30pm UTC+1, then UTC+0 on Tuesdays.
  • All the material needed for the conversations.
  • 20 topics.
  • For each topic: Comprehensive input (oral and written texts); videos, Questions; Useful expressions; vocabulary in context; Linking words.
  • For each topic: a video with the teacher’s answers to the questions and a transcript of the video.
  • Feedback from lessons.
  • Access to interviews, videos and discussion in a dedicated online forum.
  • Group cooperation and support with other students, via Whatsapp Group.


1) Every week, optional one hour drop-in Zoom session to ask questions and practice free conversation to reinforce your learning.
2) Daily access to your teacher via Whatsapp group.
3) Bonus videos with grammar explanations, vocabulary and cultural references.
4) Dedicated membership website giving access to all course material during the course and afterwards.


What’s required of me?

  • Intermediate level (at least) of Spanish (contact me if you’re not sure).
  • If you miss a group session I’ll explain how to catch up.
  • Three hours self-study per week preparation for the group session.
  • Commitment to communicate in Spanish every day.
  • Internet connection and familiarity with Zoom video meetings (ask for help if needed).

COST: £150
(Read about my fair pricing policy)

Join the next ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! on 21 September ’21

Student comments

“I’m looking forward to next week!”

“The videos are a great help”

“This course is intensive and I can see the results already”

“Este grupo es genial y muy útil”

“Grupo en el que los alumnos se pasan ideas, sugerencias, lecturas, películas…”.

“Hay mucha cooperación entre ellos  y ellas.”

“Muchas gracias por la gran experiencia de esta noche”.

“Ahora estoy muy motivada para seguir practicando mi español”.

“Siempre estoy muy cansado porque trabajo mucho, pero me ha encantado la sesión y estoy deseando que llegue la próxima”.


Spanish Conversation Club is perfect to support your Spanish language use. Regular use of the language in real situations leads to fluency, so ideally you will join us every Sunday to boost your confidence in speaking fluent Spanish. But you’re free to sign up for fewer classes per month.

SPANISH CONVERSATION CLUB is aimed specifically at Levels B2 and above. However it is also the right place for some B1 students who are especially motivated and eager to improve. Please contact me if you are not sure if it is right for you.

Our discussions will be wide and varied covering aspects of Hispanic culture and news, films, and tandems with Hispanic people.

In SPANISH CLUB you will access to over 100 video learning challenges, to keep you focused and practising Spanish in a real-world way. Always, an invitation to practice. All year round.

Online group discussions are up to four times a month, 11 months per year (no classes in August).

Groups sessions are on Sundays at 19:30-20:30 GMT/BST.

Just £10 per class

Contact me to attend your first Spanish Conversation Class FREE!

Victoria with student on computer screen 400

Sign up here through Paypal for 4 classes per month = £40.
Please contact me if you wish to attend fewer classes per month to arrange payment.

About your teacher

Victoria is a native Spanish speaker and qualified teacher. She taught English to Spanish adults for ten years in Gran Canaria, and since 2013 has been applying those same language teaching skills to tutor Spanish through private 1-2-1 tuition in Sheffield, UK. Victoria now also teaches through group online learning and intensive online courses.

She is an enthusiastic and engaging teacher who will put you at your ease and make learning fun and successful.

Learn more about Victoria
Victoria teaching a 1-2-1 lesson

Keeping speaking

Speaking Spanish – Articles & Musings

¿Qué es el input comprensible?

Para adquirir un idioma debemos estar expuestos a él: leer, escuchar, mirar… pero es fundamental que esto lo hagamos desde un input comprensible. Es decir, adquirimos una lengua cuando comprendemos lo que escuchamos o leemos y eso está contextualizado.

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Free session: Sunday online Spanish group conversation

I’m re-launching my Spanish Club this Sunday 23rd May with a simpler programme of conversation and tandem classes for intermediate students. Just turn up and speak, and you’ll be soon feeling more confident and fluent. Your first session is free, then just £40 per month for 4 classes.

Spanish Conversation Club is perfect to support your [More…]

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