I grew up in Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands.

My family usually reminds me that, when I was a young child, if anybody would asked me what I would like to do when I grew up, I used to respond “I would like to speak all the languages in the world!”.

In reality, I speak four: Spanish, English, French and German, which I really love!

When I was 11 I remember stating firmly to my friends and family that I would like to become an English teacher and so I did!

I got my first university degree in English Philology in La Laguna University, in Tenerife.

A few years later, I became a civil servant as a teacher and I taught English to adults in a language school for more than ten years.

I am an adventurer. I work hard to achieve my goals. Having achieved them, I love getting myself out of my comfort zone as I did when I moved to Sheffield in 2012.

I left behind the best colleagues, the best students, and the best school for me. But I felt I needed to move on and, for this reason, I came to the University of Sheffield to finish my second university degree on Translation and Interpretation in English and German.

I fell in love with Sheffield: lovely people, amazing countryside, fresh air, long walks…and I met my partner and we have our family here. And so Spanish became the language to teach in this fantastic city!

In the last few years, I have experienced a significant shift as a teacher: from being a good imitator of the best teachers and an unstoppable searcher of the best activities, I have come to create my own material. This path is fascinating! It´s much harder but much more interesting, engaging and rewarding as well!

I am proud to say that the source of inspiration for all these new activities is my students. They kindly guide me through their interests and give me their honest feedback. This makes my lessons much more enjoyable for both them and me. So I can guarantee that my lessons are as unique as my students!

Finally I would like to deeply thank Hélène Colinet for this change. Coming across her teachings on language acquisition has been crucial for this. Doing her courses has enabled me reinvent as a teacher. She has also opened the door to many other sources and people, who are a delight to get to know! For example, Adriana Ramírez, Florence Calvez from Zeta Lingua, and Alice Ayel.

How I run my business
I operate my business with strong “green” credentials, fair pricing, and I look after your data privacy. Read more about my Business ethics here.