With lots of new groups starting again soon for the summer term, it’s a good time to highlight some principles that I ask all students to sign up to.

To help everybody in the groups feel welcome, comfortable and included, be aware of the following norms:

  • Be courteous and kind
  • Don’t dominate the conversation so that everyone can speak
  • Bear in mind we all have different opinions and personalities; treat this as an opportunity to widen your horizons and perspectives
  • Please don’t give advice, it is better to talk about our own personal experience
  • Don’t judge other people or what they say
  • Let’s see the group as a platform of support to improve our Spanish, let’s have an attitude of help.

Thank you!

Now watch this short video where I speak about this in Spanish. How much can you follow? Don’y worry if it’s none at this stage. Put on the subtitles and you will recognise some words.

Tip for Youtube videos:
You can add subtitles and slow down the speed to help your comprehension. Then try without afterwards! Or speed it up for a real challenge!