Last week was quite hectic with seven new classes beginning! I asked for some anonymous feedback from my Advanced Beginners class (students who have had either 10 or 20 lessons with me) and here’s some of the nice things they said:

  • Really relaxed, low pressure
  • Everything being conversational is really good
  • Friendly atmosphere and I don’t feel silly if I say something wrong
  • A bit shocked how much [of the teaching] is in Spanish, but I think this will help [me] learn quicker
  • It’s very dynamic and funny
  • It’s a good mix of understanding, speaking, reading and writing
  • There is no heavy grammar
  • I like the variety of topics and the different exercises
  • I like the fun aspect of the lessons
  • I’m put at ease even though I’m a little slower than the rest of the class
  • Visually everything is very good
  • I can’t really see that it could be improved
  • Victoria tells good stories

And I’ll be taking on board that a few people asked for more speaking practice!

Image: Huelva, southern Spain, a park very close to the Ferry terminal after arriving from Gran Canaria, March ’22.