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£195 / 20 units
+ 2 hours 1-2-1



Register now for an intensive 20 unit speaking course for intermediate-level students eager for an immediate result on speaking confidence and fluency.  20 guided self study units plus two 60 minute 1-2-1 coaching sessions at a time of your choosing. Only £195. 

But don’t take my word for it…

“I simply cannot recommend Victoria more! Having not spoken Spanish for a long time, I felt very nervous about my first class and interaction with Victoria. I really had nothing to worry about, she put me at ease right away. Victoria made me feel so welcome, relaxed and comfortable in each class, she is very warm, kind, patient and incredibly supportive.

I have loved the Ya Hablo Espanol course … I am currently writing this from Spain where I have met with my Spanish friends who have even commented on how well my Spanish is coming along, that is definitely down to this course and all the input you receive from Victoria.

If you are considering this course, my advice would be just to go for it! You will gain so much within such a short time from this valuable experience. Victoria, thank you again, you are the best Spanish teacher!”


  • Struggling to speak two sentences in a row (despite knowing a good level of Spanish)
  • Scared of speaking
  • Lacking confidence and fluency
  • Good at learning grammar and vocabulary but don’t find the chance to practice
  • Impatient to see results
  • Frustrated after trying other methods and courses

Let’s remove all the roadblocks that might have hindered your progress in just 20 units!

8 week intensive Spanish course


  • We only keep a language by using it.
  • Starting from your present intermediate Spanish level, it will be very easy to give a big boost to your command.
  • Dealing with everyday life topics that you already know (holidays, travelling, hobbies, work…) will put you at ease to start speaking.
  • Interacting with your peers enriches your command.
  • With simple practice every day you will develop or rebuild your  fluency and confidence.


  • Two 60 minute coaching/conversation sessions:
  • All the material needed for the conversations.
  • 20 topics.
  • For each topic: Comprehensive input (oral and written texts); videos, Questions; Useful expressions; vocabulary in context; Linking words.
  • For each topic: a video with the teacher’s answers to the questions and a transcript of the video.


1) Two free sessions on the Intermediate Course after completion of the course.
2) Bonus videos with grammar explanations, vocabulary and cultural references.
3) Dedicated membership website giving access to all course material during the course and afterwards for 1 year.


What’s required of me?

  • Intermediate level (at least) of Spanish (contact me if you’re not sure).
  • One hour self-study per unit.
  • Commitment to communicate in Spanish every day.
  • For 1-2-1 sessions: Internet connection and familiarity with Zoom video meetings (ask for help if needed).

COST: £195

Student comments

“The videos are a great help”

“This course is intensive and I can see the results already”

“Este grupo es genial y muy útil”

“Grupo en el que los alumnos se pasan ideas, sugerencias, lecturas, películas…”.

Hay mucha cooperación entre ellos  y ellas.”

“Muchas gracias por la gran experiencia de esta noche”.

“Ahora estoy muy motivada para seguir practicando mi español”.

“Siempre estoy muy cansado porque trabajo mucho, pero me ha encantado la sesión y estoy deseando que llegue la próxima”.

    I would like to sign up for the next ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! course.

    I'm looking for a big boost to progress from my current level of Spanish


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    Why will this work for me? There’s lots of methods out there!2021-07-03T19:52:11+01:00

    My methodology is based on engaging, real life topics which encourage students to speak and express themselves.

    Kindness, care, acceptance and respect are essential, as the student’s comfortability will allow them to feel safe and relaxed to speak.

    Communicative approach is the main aim, as I understand a language as a means of communication, connection, link with another culture. Obviously, perfection will be happening as we communicate regularly and in a determined and enthusiastic way.

    My sources for discussions are varied and so the pair work and group activities. Thus we avoid boredom, apathy and monotony.

    The role of the student is always active. Students spend most of the time interacting, talking, discussing and commenting topics.

    Students have access to feedback constantly.

    Sense of humour is crucial to learn. Our brain relaxes, opens up and absorbs naturally the language. Moreover, it brings an atmosphere of trust and peacefulness.

    Why should I choose you as a teacher?2021-07-03T19:47:01+01:00

    We are a small and unique school where you can be sure to get individual attention. There are many, much bigger, and probably cheaper schools than ours, but I think you’ll find it hard to find better value or a more personable and friendly school. There’s only one teacher here and that’s me!

    I offer a free 15 minute video intro session for everyone joining my courses, so nobody is anonymous to me. I will welcome you individually and answer your questions. You can tell me your needs and  learning priorities so that I make sure they are met.

    If you take the ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! course, in addition to our weekly Zoom lesson, you’ll have chance to ask questions through a Whatsapp group, and through a weekly video Q/A session so I can understand your specific needs and expectations, both in terms of the language and in terms of motivation. It takes motivation and commitment to complete the course and I want to be able to help you with that.

    When can I join ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!?2021-07-03T20:01:49+01:00

    ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! runs several times a year according to demand and my other workload. After registering your interest, I’ll contact you with details of the next course. Please tick the box to receive my newsletter to be sure you don’t miss out on new courses that are introduced from time to time.

    When can I drop ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!?2021-07-03T20:00:54+01:00

    If you’re asking this, you maybe shouldn’t be applying! You will need to be ready to make a commitment to stick with the course for the full 8 weeks. If, after the first week, having attended the first  group session and done the preparation, you decide the course is not for you, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

    But we do understand that life throws unexpected things at us sometimes. At any time, if something crops up that means you can no longer commit to the course, I will hold a space for you to re-join on a subsequent course.

    What if I cannot remember all the vocabulary about the topics? Do I need to look for them and to study them before joining ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!?2021-07-03T20:31:24+01:00

    NO. All the topics already come with a selection of vocabulary, common phrases or expressions, questions, linking words and even a video of Victoria’s answers (if you fancy improving your listening too), which will help you to get ready for the speaking sessions.

    There are also extra written and oral texts and extra videos for you to acquire vocabulary and grammar in context.

    What if a person does not respect my opinion or they judge what I say?2021-04-10T18:22:08+01:00

    Please let me know your concerns as soon as possible. We have clear, firm rules in Spanish with Victoria and those people who do not follow them will need to leave the community. Respect and none judgement are essential for all people to feel part of the group. Thank you!

    What happens when I register for the next ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!?2020-10-22T10:41:50+01:00

    You’re very welcome to join us! You will be committed to create your fluency and confidence (or bring it back if you have lost it) talking about familiar topics and in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. I’ll contact you to let you know the dates for the next course, bearing in mind the availability you expressed on your registration form. Being flexible about availability and being prepared to let something else go if necessary for two months will help you get the best from the course.

    What happens if one week I did not have time to prepare for the group session?2021-07-03T19:58:21+01:00

    Please do not miss a session for this reason! There is so much to learn from the others in the speaking sessions! And you will always have something to say, as we will be dealing with topics you already know somehow.

    Having said this, please, try not to let this happen more than once, as this is a short, intensive course and the aim is gaining fluency and confidence very quickly. You will need to find preparation time before each session, and maybe make a sacrifice or two to ensure you get the best from this experience.

    What do I need to fit in the intermediate course?2021-07-03T17:33:54+01:00

    Apart from having an intermediate level of Spanish, only one simply thing: being willing, determined and enthusiastic to improve your Spanish!

    What are the topics about?2021-07-03T20:34:04+01:00

    If you are an intermediate Spanish student, NO topic will be new to you. They are about family, free time activities, sports, holidays, technology, education, environment, shopping, food… But they will take you beyond your current level to a new feeling of confidence and fluency!

    How long will the students know in time the topics that we are debating on the following week?2021-07-03T20:03:18+01:00

    Every Friday you will get the three new topics that you will discuss in the following week. Thus you will be allowed some time to prepare them beforehand on your own, if you like.

    Can I get my money back if I do not enjoy ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!?2021-07-03T19:59:44+01:00

    You will need to be ready to make a commitment to stick with the course for the full 8 weeks. If, after the first week, having attended the group session and fully done the preparation, you decide the course is not for you, just let me know, and I’ll give you a full refund.

    And what after ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!? How can I carry on improving conversation?2021-07-03T19:57:04+01:00

    There are various options. During the course I will get to learn the needs and interests of the group. There is an option for me to put on a weekly session if the group wants to stay together, or have 1-2-1 lessons. After the course, you will feel encouraged to carry on improving your communication, so you are welcome to join a formal follow-on course for graduates from ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!

      I would like to join the waiting list for a future ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! course.

      I am available at the following times for the weekly group session: (please tick as many as possible. The more you tick, the more likely there will be a course to suit you)

      Monday 10:00 GMTMonday 14:00 GMTMonday 19:30 GMTTuesday 10:00 GMTTuesday 14:00 GMTTuesday 19:30 GMTWednesday 10:00 GMTWednesday 14:00 GMTWednesday 19:30 GMTThursday 10:00 GMTThursday 14:00 GMTThursday 19:30 GMTFriday 10:00 GMTFriday 14:00 GMTFriday 19:30 GMT

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      I'm looking for big boost to progress from my current level of Spanish


      I'm happy to receive emails from you with information to help my Spanish practice. I understand I can unsubscribe at any time. (required field):


      I'm happy to be added to a Whatsapp group for the duration of the course in order to interact with the teacher and other course students. (required field):


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