¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! and SPANISH CLUB are a perfect zero-waste present for Christmas and birthdays for the motivated Spanish learner! And it is a life changing experience, as speaking one of the most spoken languages in the world opens up many doors professionally, and personally, and culturally… All second language students around the world agree with this! Don´t miss the chance!! I can guarantee more confident and fluent Spanish for your gift recipient!!

You can enrol your loved one into SPANISH CLUB from just £12 per month. They will receive a new learning challenge 6 days a week, to keep them focused and practising Spanish in a real-world way.
Every day, an invitation to practice. All year round. At Level 2 and above they’ll also take part in online group discussions to enhance their knowledge of Hispanic culture and improve their speaking confidence at the same time.

Or enrol them onto ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! an intensive 8 week speaking course for intermediate-level students eager for an immediate result on speaking confidence and fluency. 3 live one hour group sessions per week for 8 weeks. Only £295.

Contact me to discuss the options.