You’re stuck in a rut with your Spanish. You’ve learned lots, on your own, with an app, in a group class, in a 1-2-1 class, maybe even at school, but now your progression has faltered. The fact is you are lacking confidence, and although you know lots of Spanish in your head, getting the words out of your mouth, in the right order, in a real-life situation, just isn’t happening, and your confidence drains away.

Let’s think about how you might get off this plateau and continue on upwards. I’m going to suggest there are minimum four things you need, but these are going to make the world of difference if you get them right.

  1. TIME & MOTIVATION. You need some time to practice every day. Or very nearly every day. There’s something to be said for taking a little break to absorb your practice, but there’s no getting  away from the fact that speaking very often, and learning often, will yield results. Frequency is key. Making some sacrifices and dedicating more time to your Spanish, at least for a couple of months will pay off and enable you to relax a bit. You need a good level of motivation to achieve this, and some self awareness to tell me how I can help you keep motivated.
  2. FIND THE RIGHT COURSE. ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! is designed to kick start your practice. You’ll speak on familiar topics in groups for three hours a week for eight weeks, and each week you’ll have 15 minutes 1-2-1 with me. After this you’ll be ready to broaden your Spanish further into culture, news, films and books, with a group one a week in my SPANISH CLUB. You’ll need a good level (intermediate/advanced) of Spanish to join the Club.
  3. FIND THE RIGHT TEACHER. No single teacher is right for everyone, but look through the reviews people have left for me and you’ll see it works for many! “It is like talking non stop to a friend in Spanish”, “I have come to love the language and culture as well”, “increased my enthusiasm”, “…now have the confidence to communicate”. I will put you at your ease, and let you flourish. If you prefer a more hard-line militaristic approach, maybe look elsewhere! My approach is about communication and enjoyment of the learning process.
  4. GET SUPPORT FROM YOUR PEERS. In ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL! and in SPANISH CLUB, you’ll spend a lot of time speaking with other students at your level, making mistakes and learning form each other. And I’m always on hand to answer your questions. In SPANISH CLUB there are also opportunities to speak with native Spanish speakers and watch interviews from all round the world. Six days a week there is something new to challenge and stimulate you. We’ll watch and discuss Spanish films, read and discuss Spanish language books, news and culture. Immerse yourself in Spanish!

Why not Join the waiting list for ¡YA HABLO ESPAÑOL!, or look at the different Levels of the SPANISH CLUB and subscribe to the one that’s right for you?